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Holman Farms

More than Just a Farm!

 Commercial Firewood Processing Services

Custom Firewood Splitting Services

$80 per hour at your location

$75 per hour at our location

2 plus cords per hour production rate

This unit is self propelled to easily drive around the wood yard

Splits wood up to 22 inches long

Heavy duty loading crane and staging table for large diameter wood

If you have large quantities of wood that needs split drop us a line!

We can convey wood into piles or trucks/trailers

Larger diameter wood , no prob !

Roughly 10 cords in this pile

Firewood Processor Services

$85.00 per hour at your location if you load processor. Additional $25 per hour if we bring loader.

$80.00 per hour at our location

Unit handles logs up to 16 feet in length and up to 18 inches in diameter.