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Holman Farms

More than Just a Farm!

Weekender package

5 Mixed Hardwood Bundles

3 pounds Premium Hickory Chunks

2 pounds wood chips n shreds kindling . Only $40.00 Picked Up!

Family Vacation package

10 Mixed Hardwood Bundles

6 pounds Premium Hickory


5 pounds wood chips n shreds kindling . Only $60.00 Picked Up!

Premium Small Smoker package

10'' to 12'' long, split 1'' to 4'' in dia.

1/4 cubic foot Hickory

1/4 cubic foot Red Oak

1/4 cubic foot White Oak

Only $40.00 Picked Up!

Small Smoker Plus package

Includes the Premium Small Smoker package plus:

1/4 cubic foot Hickory Chunks

1/4 cubic foot Red Oak Chunks

1/4 cubic foot White Oak Chunks

Only $75.00 Picked Up!

Full Size Smoker package

Firewood is 16'' long , split to around 6 '' dia.

5 Bundles Premium Hickory

5 Bundles Premium Red Oak

5 Bundles Premium White Oak

5 pounds chips n shreds Kindling

Only $75.00 Picked Up!

Wood Fired Oven packages

Premium 100% Oak Firewood , cut 16'' long , split 2'' to 5 '' in diameter for brisk burns.

5 Bundles. Only $35.00 Picked Up !

10 Bundles. Only $65.00 Picked Up!

20 Bundles. Only $100.00 Picked Up!

Wholesale packages available for retail locations looking for more than the "Standard Firewood Bundles" offered by most wood dealers .

 wholesale quantities available. Many more package options available . Feel free to email to discuss your  Firewood needs 

[email protected]